Tool & Die

Tools and dies are fundamental to ensuring durable goods during manufacturing production. There are many industries served by tools, dies, and machinists. Without the tool and die process, manufacturing and production companies around the world would be next to impossible.

Tool Making
Tool Making implies manufacturing tools to make tailor-made products. Common Tool Making is a comprehensive process that includes making of metal forming rolls, cutting tools, fixtures and assorted tools used to manufacture, hold or test products. This procedure may also, at times, call for fabrication of custom tools or modification of standard tools.
Die Making
Die Making focuses on making and maintaining dies and often includes the procedure for making punches, dies, steel rule dies and die sets also. Accuracy and precision are most significant elements in die making because the punches and dies must maintain appropriate shape and size to fit correctly into the parts that shall be related to them. With the passing time competition have tremendously increased and changes in consumer behaviour necessitate that companies develop new products at a faster pace than before.

RAAMPS Industries, a trusted partner to our customers supports this cause completely and ensures shorter program/product development cycles with an in-house tool design Development department.