Powder Coating

At RAAMPS, we always make it sure to bring out the finest finish in each and every product. Being a reputed sheet metal fabrication company, we have always emphasized on the use of the finest quality to give the perfect shine and lustre to the final product ready to be delivered.

Each and every part of sheets or shielded products are pressure washed with high temperature phosphate solution. Each part is also equally baked so as to remove strains of moisture. After all, moisture can hinder the final finish of the product. Our team can coat the parts with a dry finishing process in which finely ground particles of resins and pigments are electrostatically charged when it is applied. Thereafter, parts can be cured in the finishing ovens to make sure you get only the best in quality of finish possible. After the completion of all the process we inspect certain criteria’s like impact resistance, Mil thickness coverage & Flawless appearance to finalise the product for dispatch.