RAAMPS Industries specialised in – Laser Welding, CD Projection, MIG/TIG, SPOT &  ARC  Welding.

RAAMPS expertise in various welding disciplines using high-tech MIG/TIG/Metal ARC welding equipment. Our capability and services range from prototyping to production and as much varied as per our customers’ demands. We offer all kinds of welding for both small as well as medium-sized parts of any level of complication.
Highly skilled team has the capability to translate your design into a precision finished item.We apply a broad range of high-tech and conventional fabrication skills to the cost-effective manufacture of many products. Complex structures are assembled and produced in our fabrication department and we are able to supply complete bolted or welded assemblies.Mig and Tig welding on stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel allows us to offer competitive prices and fast turnaround for both custom items and series production.